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ESSSAT is the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology. ESSSAT is a scholarly organization which exists exclusively to serve theological, scientific and educational purposes.

ESSSAT members include academic scholars and scientists, religious leaders and laypeople, who are interested in the relationship between the sciences (natural, social and human) and the world's religious traditions.

ESSSAT's Articles of Association (our charter document), explain our purposes as follows:

The Society exists to create opportunities for dialogue, discussion and study within the scholarly [wissenschaftliche] community in Europe by

-          organizing conferences, either by itself or jointly with other organizations;

-          publishing, including publishing by electronic means;

-          organizing a communication network among its members;

-          offering prizes for scholarly and educational work;

-          stimulating the study of the interaction of theology and science in universities and other institutes of higher learning

-          stimulating study and reflection on the interaction of theology and science in religious and secular institutions;

-          and by all other means deemed appropriate to its aims.

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