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Our membership fees

Student Member 35 €/year
Central/Eastern European Member 40 €/year
Personal Member 70 €/year
Membership as Voluntary Society 140 €/year
Membership as Public Institution 280 €/year

Read first: How to pay

To pay your membership, conference or other fees to ESSSAT, we appreciate if you save us fees by simply arranging a bank transfer to the account below. If that is not possible for you, you can also use the form to the right. ACCOUNT: Recipient: European Society for Study of Science and Theology e.V IBAN: DE58440100460000654460 BIC: PBNKDEFF Receiving Bank: Deutsche Postbank AG Address: Hiltropwall 4 – 12 City: Dortmund Postal code: 44137 Country: Germany In case you do your bank transfer from outside Europe make sure to use OUR as fee option.

Pay Now
If bank transfer does not work for you, you can pay via credit card & co with this form.

Thank you for your payment!

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